Announcement of the Second BSCRC General Meeting and Lectures

BioSuperComputing Research Community (BSCRC), which was founded last year, intends to jump to next step from running up during FY2009, looking at the full-fledged activities as a research community. As part of the activities, we announced the second BSCRC general meeting and lectures as described below. Three lecturers are widely invited from industry, medical community, and younger research community in life sciences and healthcare of Japan. BSCRC members are expected to actively participate in the second general meeting and lectures. Non-members of BSCRC are also welcomed to join this event.

The members are required to confirm participation by the trailing email before October 15, 2010. Thank you very much for your collaborations.

The Second BSCRC General Meeting and Lectures

Date/Time: 13:30-17:00, October 15, 2010

(The reception starts at 13:00. BSCRC get-together starts at 17:30)

Venue: A large conference room, 2F at Sanjo Conference Hall of the University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus)

Map is here.


BSCRC Chairman's Opening Talk (13:30-13:45).

Prof. Haruki Nakamura, Institute of Protein Research, Osaka University

Lecture 1 (13:45-14:35)

A Challenge of Computational Science For Very Large Biomolecular Systems - Computation of NMR Chemical Shift Using FMO.

Dr. Shin-ichiro Nakamura, Mitsubishi Chemical Fellow, Mitsubishi Chemical Group Science and Technology Research Center.

Lecture 2 (14:35-15:25)

UT-Heart, Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Heart Simulator For Tailor-Made Medicine.

Prof. Seiryo Sugiura, Graduate School of Frontier Science, University of Tokyo

Break (15:25-15:40)

The Second General Meeting (FY2010) (15:40-16-10)

Lecture 3 (16:10-17:00)

Supercomputing Builds Dream to Biological Macromolecule - What Does Large-Scale Biomolecular Simulation Bring?

Dr. Maskazu Sekijima, Assoc. Professor, GSIC, Tokyo Institute of Technology

BSCRC Get-Together (17:30-19:00)

(Optional. At BF 002 Meeting room)

Conference fee for the general meeting and lectures: 2,000 Yen (*) (Cash only. Pay at the reception.)

BSCRC get-together fee: 3,000 Yen (Attendees only. As above)

(*) The current rules of BSCRC specify no annual member fee, and each event charges to attendees at cost base.

Email to BSCRC office (bscrc-contact at

Subject: Confirmation of participation in the second BSCRC general meeting and lectures

Participate in the second general meeting and lectures

Absent and I commission the chairperson or ( ) the authority to use voting rights in the second general meeting

Participate in the get-together.

Please reply by October 14, 2010.