General Meeting

The 1st General Meeting

◆ On October 8, 2009, the first general meeting was held formally with participation of a plenty of the full members (including 19 participants by the chairman letter of proxy), and the original form of the five board members and the rules of the commmunity was accepted.

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(1) Prof. Haruki NAKAMURA, the first chairman of BioSuperComputing Research Community (Osaka University)

(2) Self-Introduction of the board members

(From left) Hosting Dr. Ryutaro HIMENO, vice-chairman of BSCRC (RIKEN), Dean Makoto SUEMATSU, BSCRC officer (Keio University), Prof. Akinori KIDERA, BSCRC officer (Yokohama City Univercity), and Prof. Yutaka AKIYAMA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

(3) Speech by Prof. H. Nakamura, chairman about BSCRC direction and next plan

(4) Participants

We deeply appreciate all the full members who arrived in the first general meeting in the face of the serious traffic problems caused by the typhoon.